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I’m traveling in my camper looking for stories from farmers, producers and organizations that passionately make the food chain flourish. At the same time, I’m exploring how to contribute to a better world and be happy. What is needed for that? I share the stories I create here with you, one peas at a time.

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My 5 key insights after six months in Portugal and Spain

After six months working with peasmakers in Spain and Portugal, these are my 5 key insights for the transition of [...]

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Monte Silveira aims to better understand its ecosystem

The past week, I was working at the organic and regenerative farm Monte Silveira. Peasmaker João Valente sees it as [...]

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Exploring Medicinal Olive Oil at Monte Silveira

I've encountered many farms on my journey that produce olive oil. But olive oil with medicinal properties, that's a first. [...]

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Touristic nature paradise Vale das Lobas reconnects people with nature

Reconnecting people with nature by combining regenerative farming, sustainable tourism, and revitalization of the local economy. That's the mission of [...]

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Vortexing the 13 moons potion at Vale dos Lobas. Uuuh what?!

Of all the inspiring examples I've presented to you over the past while, this one perhaps demands the most open-mindedness. [...]

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Looking for peas at safe heaven Quinta do Vale Verde

A piece of land, self-sufficient living, chickens, fruit trees, and a vegetable garden. Living together with like-minded individuals, focusing on [...]

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La Junquera brings 1100 hectares of desertified land back to life

This week, I'm diving into what might be one of the most ambitious projects I've encountered on my journey. Peasmakers [...]

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Getting to work at the 50th peasmaker!

This does feel like a special moment because I'm working with my 50th peasmaker this week! And it's one that [...]

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Maarten provides orange farmers in the Lecrín Valley with new perspective for the future

My peasmaker of this week, Maarten Erasmus, is a prime example of a food changer who simply took action. He [...]

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The new generation gives me hope

Hope. Sometimes it seems far to find. But it's really everywhere, we just don't look closely. And it's precisely the [...]

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Danyadara as a hopeful oasis in the middle of the almost-desert

Danyadara is the first peasmaker to tell me, "You are very welcome, but there is very little food being grown [...]

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Back to “reality” and it feels like a slap in the face

After my almost paradisiacal regenerative destinations of the past few weeks, today I find myself back in "reality." And it [...]

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Terramay, the place where almost all the groundbreaking happens simultaneously

560 heavenly hectares where almost all the groundbreaking happens simultaneously. That's how I can best describe the regenerative Terramay (mother [...]

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Looking for peasmakers in southern Spain!

Peasmakers wanted in Southern Spain! Do you know farmers, producers, and companies working on the food chain of the future [...]

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Luisa shows the value of food with organic food paradise Quinta do Arneiro

If you were to ask me to describe the ideal farm of this moment, my peasmaker of the week, the [...]

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The food of the future: the acorn

Imagine: there is a crop that is super healthy and versatile, requires no fertilizer or other inputs, and can even [...]

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Natural Food Paradise Montado do Freixo do Meio

This week, I'm working at Montado do Freixo do Meio. This place is incredibly diverse, and it feels like I [...]

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I’m Nat puts Algarve almonds in the spotlight

My first peacemaker of 2024 is the young entrepreneur Miguel Rodrigues. It is his mission to give Algarve almonds the spotlight [...]

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Personal update and (Christmas) wish for 2024

My (Christmas) wish for 2024 is that we focus on what we can change. This not only makes you a [...]

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‘The Biggest Mini Forest’ teaches me what regenerative farming truly is

For a while now, I've been searching for what 'regenerative agriculture' really is and, more importantly, how to easily explain [...]

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Meet the heroes: Pigeon Pea and the Moringa tree.

Plants and trees are our way out of the major crises of our time. Now, check out these two edible [...]

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Orchard of Flavours provides hope with subtropical edible trees

What does planting edible, subtropical trees from around the world in the Algarve contribute to a resilient food system? A [...]

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Grand Carob gives the carob tree the leading role it deserves

If we want indigenous, regenerative crops to take center stage, there must be a robust market for them. And that [...]

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Terra Sintrópica transforms almost-desert into a fertile oasis

Hope. It seems elusive at times. But with my peasmaker of the week, António Coelho, and his team at Terra [...]

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Bridge-builder QXote aims to revitalize the dry Portuguese inland

Fertile agricultural land turning into a desert due to climate change – a vision of the future? My peasmakers, Hans [...]

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Arrived at ‘home away from home’ Outbase Explorers

Last Saturday, I landed in Portugal to meet my first southern 'peasmaker,' Freek Steinmann. I couldn't have asked for a [...]

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A reminder of why I am living the live that I’m living

After feeling a sense of imbalance in the weeks leading up to my departure, I suddenly realized – as I [...]

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