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I’m traveling in my camper looking for stories from farmers, producers and organizations that passionately make the food chain flourish. At the same time, I’m exploring how to contribute to a better world and be happy. What is needed for that? I share the stories I create here with you, one peas at a time.

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Orchard of Flavours provides hope with subtropical edible trees

What does planting edible, subtropical trees from around the world in the Algarve contribute to a resilient food system? A [...]

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Grand Carob gives the carob tree the leading role it deserves

If we want indigenous, regenerative crops to take center stage, there must be a robust market for them. And that [...]

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Terra Sintrópica transforms almost-desert into a fertile oasis

Hope. It seems elusive at times. But with my peasmaker of the week, António Coelho, and his team at Terra [...]

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Bridge-builder QXote aims to revitalize the dry Portuguese inland

Fertile agricultural land turning into a desert due to climate change – a vision of the future? My peasmakers, Hans [...]

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Arrived at ‘home away from home’ Outbase Explorers

Last Saturday, I landed in Portugal to meet my first southern 'peasmaker,' Freek Steinmann. I couldn't have asked for a [...]

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A reminder of why I am living the live that I’m living

After feeling a sense of imbalance in the weeks leading up to my departure, I suddenly realized – as I [...]

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