Hi! My name is Chantal. I am looking for peas.

I am traveling the world in my camper and exploring our food chain. Searching for inspiration, positivity and real connection. I am looking for stories of famers and entrpreneurs that are showing that things can be done differently. But also what it means to live a good life. I share my journey here with you.

Hoi, ik ben Chantal.I am looking for peas.

Ik ben op reis in mijn camper en trek door onze voedselketen. Op zoek naar inspiratie, positiviteit en verbinding. Naar verhalen van voedselveranderaars die laten zien dat het anders kan. Maar ook naar wat het betekent om een goed leven te leiden. Mijn zoektocht deel ik hier met jullie.
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About me

My name is Chantal and it is my mission to demonstrate that things can be different. How we live, how we produce our food. I firmly believe that by following our hearts and concentrating on what is achievable, we have the power to transform the world.

I grew up in the south of the Netherlands in my parents’ restaurant and often spent time with animals on local farms after school. From a young age, I was concerned about the world around me. I simply couldn’t understand why people made such a mess of things. I still don’t actually.

My passion is food and everything related to it. The search for a better and sustainable world has been my concern my whole life. In the past 10 years, I fought with social enterprise Kromkommer for equal rights for all vegetables and fruit. We put food waste on the agenda of consumers, businesses, and policymakers.

In 2022 I decided it’s time for a new way to live my life. Because we face significant challenges together and I refuse to accept all the doom scenarios that are presented to us. But how do we work towards a better world? That is my quest of life.

On a personal level, I am also searching. I noticed that the life I was living  didn’t align with what makes me happy. I lived in the city and missed nature. The pattern of always wanting bigger and better things isn’t for me. But what do you do with that feeling?

I’m good at telling stories and inspiring others. That gives me energy. I love to help people forward with challenges and make connections. Maybe that’s my way of contributing to the hope and positivity the world is needing so badly? And what if I combine that with radically changing the way I used to live?

That’s why I am traveling in my camper, exploring our food chain. I am looking for inspiration, positivity, and connection. I share my journey here with you.

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What is Peas of Me?

I want to inspire people and show that things can be done differently. That as a peasmaker, you can contribute to a better, sustainable world by working from the heart and being guided by what you truly value.

That’s why I am looking for stories from farmers, producers, chefs and businesses that passionately make the food chain flourish. I call these food changers “peasmakers”. But, I don’t just visit them, I give them a peas of me. I work with the peasmakers for a day or a week. I help with the harvest, work in the kitchen, connect them to partners in crime, contribute to the strategy or a marketing plan. What, how, and why I do it, I share with my community, the “grouppeas.”

The stories about the peasmakers help with planting seeds, make the impact they already make grow further. It involves people in the food chain who are currently maybe at a distance. And when a peasmaker has a problem or issue? I ask for attention and help from the grouppeas who follow me on my journey.

The peasmakers pay for my contribution and are free to determine the amount of money based on their ability and the value attributed to the time we spent together.

You can read the stories I create here or see them on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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