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My name is Chantal and I travel through the country in my camper searching for peas. I serve stories full of inspiration about people that are changing the food game.

“Peasmakers”, that’s how I call the farmers or entrepreneurs who work with their heart and try to change the world . They show that things can be done differently, and that is  contagious. By involving as many people as possible in what they do, their impact grows. I work with the peasmakers for a day or a week. This way I get to know their mission better and discover what drives them as a person. Along the way, I try to figure out what it means to live a good life. I share my experiences with you, one peas at a time.

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Inspiring stories about peasmakers, personal stories and other beautiful stuff. Just a peas of me.

Mr. Appel creates a beautiful and good landscape for everyone with his mobile syrup factory

The last few days, I have been working with peasmaker Michael Witjes, also known as Mr. Appel. With his mobile [...]

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My 5 key insights after six months in Portugal and Spain

After six months working with peasmakers in Spain and Portugal, these are my 5 key insights for the transition of [...]

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Monte Silveira aims to better understand its ecosystem

The past week, I was working at the organic and regenerative farm Monte Silveira. Peasmaker João Valente sees it as [...]

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